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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Snowman Snapshots Contest

Build a snowman of any shape, size, or type anytime during this winter and take a picture of the builders with their creation. Your work this winter just might earn your family a day of fun in the sun at the Civic Center Aquatic Park.

To be entered in the drawing to win the prize of six day passes to the Civic Center Aquatic Park for the summer of 2013, send your photo to kvest@oswegolandpd.org by March 15.

We can’t wait to see what you create!




Thanks to the Balder Family for submitting our first snowman photo!
Snowmen come in all sizes!
Thank you, McCallough Family.
It's February and we finally have a bit of snow! Thank you, Fyda Family for sending in your creation!
Thanks to the Momich Family for submitting a photo of their very well dressed snowman!
Thank you to the Mast Family for another great snowman submission. These kids were even singing Frosty the Snowman while creating this guy!
The Jednachowski Family sent in their photo of three "snowbunnies." This one's a cutie, thanks!
This Relay for Life themed snowman looks great in purple. Thanks, Baker Family!
This snowman is a giant! Thanks, Morrick-Biesterfeld Family.
Here is another daper looking snowman. Thanks, Balbontin Family!
The Butler Family created a snow-woman with fabulous eyelashes! Thanks, ladies!
Another snowman submission from the Fryda Family. Thanks, boys!
This snowman is missing his builders. We hope the Omar Family had fun creating him!
This snowman even has a pipe! Thanks, Sleyko Family.
Here's another snowman from the Sleyko Family. They named this guy Toby!
This builder's gloves match the snowman's scarf quite nicely. Thanks, Anderson Family!
This snowman must be going incognito with his sunglasses and cape. Thanks, Jack Family!
The Houston Family snowman is very sporty. He is ready to hit the hills with his snowboard and sled, and even has a kickball too!
The Ruegsegger Family snowman is dressed to impress, complete with a lapel flower!
This snowman looks to be good friends with his builder. Thanks to the Ruegsegger Family for submitting another snowman photo!
This snowman looks like he's ready to hit the greens at Fox Bend. Thanks to the Conner Family for this fun photo!
Thanks to the Schmitt Family for submitting Johnny's very first snowman!
This is a whole snowman family! Thanks, Chlebicki Family.
This snowman knows to hold hands when crossing the street. Thanks to the Taylor Family for this great photo!

It looks like the Jordan girls had a great time building a new friend!

This snowman is missing his builders too. We hope the Duggins Family had fun creating him.
What a cute photo! Thanks, Chavez Family.
Here is the Haas Family with their snowman. Thanks for the photo!
This snowman, and the Sleyko Family, look like they're ready for some summer fun at the pool!

The Sempetrean Family brings a bit ‘o the Irish to Oswego Snowmen!

The Hallicks and Raleighs had a constructive snow day in Deer Path Creek!

Head's up for the Morgan Family Snowman!

The Jones Family worked hand in hand with their snowman!

Here's the McCallough Family with their cute snowman!
The Woolley Family created a great snowman and his snowdog!
This tall snowman has a snow friend to keep him company! Thanks, Stumpenhorst Family.
Thanks, Kremer Family for creating this cute guy!
This snowman is a Bears fan! Thanks, Dunham Family.
The Phelps Family created this cool dude, complete with shades to keep the sun out of his snowman eyes!
This snowbunny is ready for spring! Thanks, Miller Family.
What a cute photo of this trio! Thanks, Gutwein Family!
Another snow buddy! Thanks, Podschweit Family.
The Novak Family created this snowman, despite the melting snow!

The Best Family goes bug hunting, even in the winter!

The Hohnkes Family used recycled goods to decorate their snow-woman!



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