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1st Annual Trail Run

Trail Run

Our first Saw Wee Kee Park Spring Trail Run was a warm, sunny, run through the community’s wildest park. Over 60 athletes climbed the hills, ran through the single track, and wondered if they were indeed on the right path. Each crossed the finish line, leaving Athletic Event Coordinator Mike Roth happy that no one was left in the woods for the night.

The course was a chip-timed three and a half mile run through our river-front park. Normally used by mountain bikers, Saw Wee Kee Park has short and steep hills and valleys all nestled in a dense forest. The trail is made up of grass and mulch, making it ideal for runners looking for a softer terrain. However, spring is an unpredictable time for such terrain. Registered athletes were unsure if they were going to be running on dry pavement or trudging through the mud. Fortunately the week’s dry weather made for cleaner shoes.

The overall male winner was Chris Kott with a time of 26:08.65, and the overall female winner was Sara Szok with 30:49.7.

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