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4 Ways to Get Your Green on in Oswegoland

country market

There’s nothing better than a breath of crisp spring air filled with blooming flowers and fresh cut grass. We’re kicking off spring this Earth Day with some awesome events and projects. Here are 4 ways to get your green on in the neighborhood:

1. Recycled Fashion Show

If you’re into DIY, you won’t want to miss the comeback of our Project Greenway Fashion Show on Friday, April 21. Our local contestants will be walking the “greenway” in hand made outfits made from recycled goods – like a skirt made of magazines or a radical dress crafted of popcorn boxes and Target bags. We’re still looking for a few more local creatives to jump into this innovative challenge. Contact Cori Veverka for submissions.

2. Country Market

We make it easy for you to eat local and have a hub for healthy choices. That’s why we nurture the Oswego Country Market in downtown Oswego, every Sunday 9:00am – 1:00pm. We bring neighborhood farms, art vendors, and fun folks together for a morning of summer breeze and fresh foods. It’s a great place to see what’s new in town, make like-minded friends, and grab some fresh produce. The market is going to be fresh this year! Begins June 4th. See you there!

3. Garden Opportunities

Not everyone has the space or conditions for a proper garden in their yard. That’s why we have Community Garden Plots available for rent, every year. It’s hard to beat a salad with fresh sliced cucumbers that you grew yourself. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about what to plant this year and get your greenspace ready.

Our vision is to create opportunities for a healthier community and there are some ways you can help this year too. That’s why we started the Pantry Garden – a community garden run by local volunteers. We donate all the produce harvested to the Kendall County Community Food Pantry. If you’re interested in volunteering with the Pantry Garden, email Dave Margolis or call 630.554.4439.

4. Earth Day

Planting a tree has been an Earth Day tradition for many years. For everything we add, we must subtract to keep balance in the ecosystem. Due to human and natural influence, there is foreign flora that invades natural areas that needs to be removed. On Earth Day this year, April 22, we are meeting over at Cooks Savanna, by Old Post Park, to pull out the harmful invasive species. So if you don’t have a tree to plant this year you can help the environment in a unique way. Contact Dave Margolis for more information.

No matter how you plan to get your green on this year, we all play an important role in coexisting with our environment. We’re all-natural, certified organic, and homegrown peeps – we’re made of the same stuff that makes the soil and the trees. It’s in our nature to make time for outside and get a little dirt under our nails. Happy spring, Oswegoland.

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