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Outside is Free – Hit the Trails!

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Oswego has some of the best bicycle trails in the entire state. We’re mighty fortunate to have the Fox River Trail right in our back yard. Each year our trail system grows and it’s becoming easier than ever to be healthier than ever. A few of our park district employees ride their bikes to work on a regular basis. Oswegoland alone has 32.44 miles of paved paths linking our parks, downtown, and natural areas. If you’ve never checked out our Trail Guide Click Here to view the map.

Fox River Trail

One of our favorite trails is the Fox River Trail. With the southern terminus at Hudson Crossing Park in Oswego, north bound adventurers can ride all the way to the Wisconsin boarder! Our 3.25-mile stretch passes by Violet Patch Park and great viewing areas for Bald Eagles and other special wildlife. With the cool breeze casting off the river, it’s the perfect path for a hot summer’s ride. The weekends have the trail filled with families, cycle enthusiasts, runners, and walkers.

Connecting Trails

Many riders and hikers want a full day’s adventure, which is what makes the Oswego trails so awesome. You can connect to the Illinois Prairie Path (61 mi) and V. L. Gilamn Trail (11.5 mi) from the Fox River Trail. Other local trails lead to parks such as Waa Kee Sha located south on Grove Road. 27 of our parks have paved and unpaved trails for foot and cycle. Linking together our trails is a fun way to explore Oswegoland and spend time outside.

Saw Wee Kee

If you’re into rugged terrain and elevation change, Saw Wee Kee park is our largest trail system with 5.5 miles of single track mountain biking trails. Mountain bikers travel from all over the state to rip through the dirt on their fat tire bikes. It’s been voted one of the best in all of Illinois. What’s unique about this course is that it’s open to hikers and horseback riders as well. Many runners are taking their game into nature and Saw Wee Kee has seen a lot more trail runners in the past few years. It’s is one of the better parks in northern Illinois to hike and train in varying elevation. Click here for the trail map or check out the kiosk at the park.

Farmington Lakes

The Waubonsie Trail runs through Farmington Lakes – one of our larger parks with 3.1 miles on surrounding paths. Filled with largemouth, crappie, and catfish, it’s perfect for bringing your tackle box and casting lines for catch and release fishing. If you’ve got a canoe or kayak, paddle around the lake and enjoy the calm waters and surrounding prairies. Be sure to get your boating free boating permit at Prairie Point.

The Best Part

The best part about opting outside in Oswego is that it’s free! All our parks and trails are open to the public and encouraged to be used. Staying active is a primary factor in health and stress reduction. We have an outstanding system of parks and paths, so don’t miss out this summer and hit the trail – outside is free!

Oswegoland Biking & Hiking Trails 

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