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Get Fit for Life – Not Just Summer

i tried a tri

Another great summer lies ahead and there are plenty of decisions to be made; where to travel, weddings to attend, and how we’ll enjoy the legendary weather. Getting that dose of vitamin D is important and so is continuing our fitness plans. We plan a shorter fitness schedule in the summer to anticipate your grand sunny plans. It’s our mission to make sure classes are available so the community can stay fit all year around.

Feet First

The best part of the summer season is jumping into the pool on those blistering days. We’ve jam packed our catalog with incredibly fun and challenging aquatics classes. If you’re looking for resistance training, we have a new Aqua HIIT class; it’s low impact and cardio intensive. Aqua FIT and Senior Aqua FIT are available as less arduous versions of HIIT. There’s plenty of leisure programs too, like our new Funky Floats Night where you bust out your crazy pool floats at Winrock Pool. Swim team is in full stoke this year and lessons are available for ages 6 months to adults.

IronFam – The New Triathalon

This year we are launching a brand new event, the IronFam Triathlon. It’s not your typical die-hard competition, but a family challenge to work together through swim, stride, and ride. It starts by dropping off your bikes at the Civic Center and heading over to Winrock to start your pace. Your family can walk, jog, or run back to the Civic Center and then each family must swim one lap per family member registered. So if you’ve got a family of 8 and one good swimmer, they’ve got a lot of laps to do! The non-competitive race ends with a bike ride back to Winrock Pool where you can relax with a movie in the pool.

Triple Race Series

We still have 3 races left in our Triple Race Series: the PrairieFest 5K, I Tried a Triathlon, and Gobbler Hobbler. Our first race of the year was our second annual trail run at Saw Wee Kee Park. So, if you missed out, you still have a chance to make 3 of our big races. Next in line is our PrairieFest 5K on Father’s Day weekend. By completing any 3 of the 4 races you’ll be awarded bragging rights and a medal. Even if you can’t make all three, you won’t regret the adventure of dashing into one of these top-notch races.

FUN-ctional Fitness

With the latest craze for individualized workouts and group training, we’ve gotten creative with a brand new program: FUN-ctional Fitness. We’re using our Olympic level Boulder Point Gym and utilizing all its unique features: climbing ropes, trampolines, balance beams, rings, and traditional gym props. This strength training, cardio-packed group training class will have you push yourself to new limits. Our instructors are certified personal trainers who want to make you a certified rock star. Click Here to register.

Fit for Life

Our goal at the Park District is always to lay down healthy opportunities for our community. It’s important that we as a community look at the investments we make today and how they will impact the rest of our life. That’s why we started the Fit for Life program. It’s a new summer class that includes a weekly group workout, optional weigh-ins, and Q&A’s with a fitness instructor. You’ll also get a 1-on-1 with a certified personal trainer and nutrition counselling session with a registered dietitian. The deal is not only good financially, but a sweet deal to make with yourself to invest in the health of your future. It’s good to get fit for the beach this summer, but it’s better to stay fit for many beach seasons to come.

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