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Summer Carnival

PrairieFest might be on hold until Labor Day Weekend, but we still have some celebrating to do this Father’s Day Weekend! We’re hosting a Summer Carnival at Prairie Point Park. Enjoy the thrills, rides, and midway games, then mark your calendar for the full festival September 3-6.

Thursday, June 17: 5-9pm
Friday, June 18: 4-10pm
Saturday, June 19: 1-10pm
Sunday, June 20: 1-6pm

Unlimited Ride Specials
Thursday 5-9pm $25
Friday 5-9pm $30
Saturday 1-5pm $25
Saturday 6-10pm $30
Sunday 1-5pm $25

All unvaccinated persons should wear face coverings in crowded settings, especially when youth are present. See CDC guidance for further information.
Sanitizing stations will be located at every ride. All equipment will undergo additional cleaning measures daily.
Visit us online to submit any questions you have about the Summer Carnival or Labor Day Weekend’s PrairieFest.

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