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New Divisions in Team Sports: Find “Your Place to Play”


Recreational and Competitive Divisions in Youth Sports allow players of all skill levels to find their “Place to Play.” These divisions cater to the diverse needs and preferences of young athletes, allowing them to choose the level of competition that is right for them.

Both skill levels, in all divisions, will focus on skill development, teamwork & communication, promote excellence in sportsmanship, and provide a positive, enjoyable environment for athletes to play.

* Division format & breakdown is subject to change based on player enrollment.

Recreational Division

This division is geared toward players who are newer to the game, wanting to learn the basics of the sport, continue to learn fundamental teachings and participate in a less competitive environment to foster their love for the game.

Division will include:

■ Regular game season

■ Weekly evening practice

■ In-house game officials

Competitive Division

This division is for players who are looking for a more challenging experience with increased emphasis on player skill development and compete in a more competitive style but not looking to be in a travel program.

Division will include:

■ Regular game season

■ Weekly evening practice

■ Season standings

■ Post-season tournament

■ Contracted game officials

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