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Creating Opportunities for a Healthy Community!



The Civilian Conservation Corps was America’s original call to natural resource action over 70 years ago. Today we uphold that legacy as the Park District works together with volunteers to build a healthier environment.

The Oswegoland Park District is the steward to over 600 acres of natural land. Help protect and build upon the work of restoring prairies, wetlands, and woodlands throughout our district.

We welcome volunteers of all ages. Volunteers age 14 and under must be acompanied by a parent or guardian. As a volunteer, you are limited only by the amount of service you are willing to offer. You will gain new skills, work outdoors, meet new people, and become involved in this important mission. Volunteers who reach a designated number of hours will earn the Civilian Conservation Corps patch.

Volunteer Opportunities
  • Planting new prairies, wetlands, and woodland sites throughout the district’s vast array of watersheds, detention areas, and proposed recreated natural areas.
  • Nursery operation and food pantry garden management
  • Removing invasive plant species that contribute to the loss of plant, animal, bird, and insect diversity.
  • Natural resource recovery work including native seed collection, processing, and plant propagation.
  • Performing school yard restoration projects changing traditional turf grass landscapes into native prairies, savannas, and wetlands to serve as outdoor living classrooms.
  • Designing natural history exhibits and assisting with interpretation programs
  • Assisting with educational programs within local schools
  • General trail maintenance, litter patrol, and vandalism reporting.

For more information or to volunteer your time and talent, email Dave Margolis or call 630.554.4439.