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Civic Center Aquatic Park Hours

Tuesday – Sunday: 11:30am-7:00pm
Pool Closes for the Season Sunday, August 14

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Baseball/Softball Fields
Basketball Courts
Canoe Access
Community Gardens
Community Parks
Cross Country Skiing
Disc Golf Course
Drinking Fountain
Fire Ring
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Fox River Trail Access
Grove Road Trail Access
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Picnic Shelter/Reservable
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Roller Hockey Court
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Sledding Hill
Splash Pad
Sports Fields for Community Soccer/Baseball
Swimming Pool
Tennis Courts
Tennis Practice Wall
Trail-Horseback Riding
Waubonsie Trail Access
Wormley Heritage Park
(331 Century Dr, Oswego, IL)
Winrock Park
(21 Winrock Road, Montgomery, IL)
Willowgate Park
(12515 Cherry Blossom Boulevard, Plainfield, IL, United States)
Whispering Woods Park
(26202 Whispering Woods Cir, Plainfield, IL)
Waubonsie Wetland
Waubonsie Park
(10 W Jefferson St, Oswego, IL)
Washington Park
(309 Millstream Ln, Oswego, IL)
Waa Kee Sha Park
(4700 Reservation Rd, Oswego, IL)
Violet Patch Park
(1425 Rt. 25, Oswego)
Village Green Park
(47 Monroe St, Oswego, IL)
Tuscany Trail Park
(445 Grape Vine Trail, Oswego, IL)
Troy Park
(201 N Adams St, Oswego, IL)
Townsend Park
(418 Devoe Dr, Oswego)
Timber Wood Park
(12857 Timber Wood Circle, Plainfield)
SuzanJohn Park
(29 Hampton Road Montgomery, IL 60538)
Summerlin Park
(2121 Summerlin Drive, Aurora)
Stonegate Park
(56 Rt 25, Oswego, IL)
Stewart Farm
(115 W Simons Rd, Plainfield, IL)
South Point Park
(800 Preston Lane, Oswego, IL)
South Point
(810 Preston Ln, Oswego, IL)
Silverleaf Park
(12902 Grand Pines Blvd, Oswego, IL)
Saw Wee Kee Park
(7350 Sundown Lane, Yorkville, IL, USA)
Prairieview Park
(394 Prairieview Dr, Oswego, IL)
PrairieFest Park
(91 Plank Dr, Oswego, IL)
Prairie Point Community Park
(4120 Plainfield Road, Oswego, IL)
Prairie Point Center
(313 E Washington, Oswego, IL)
Pearce's Ford Park
(601 Pearce's Ford Dr, Oswego, IL)
Old Post Park
(116 Old Post Rd, Oswego, IL)
Ogden Falls Park
(375 Ogden Falls Blvd, Oswego, IL)
Northampton Park
(310 Northampton Dr, Oswego, IL)
Northampton Greenway
(Waubonsie Trail, Oswego, IL 60543)
North Adams Park
(127 N. Adams St., Oswego)
Mundsinger Woods
(3390 White Oak Drive, Oswego, IL, United States)
Morgan Creek Prairie/Wetland
(511 Danbury Drive, Oswego, IL, USA)
Morgan Creek Park
(360 Morgan Valley Dr, Oswego, IL)
Millstone Park
(4669 Mill Rd, Oswego, IL)
Marina Woods Park
(64 Marina Dr, Oswego)
Little White School Museum/Heritage Park
(72 Polk Street, Oswego, IL)
Lakeview Park
(541 Lakeview Dr, Oswego, IL)
Jaycee Park
(134 Saugatuck Rd, Oswego)
Hudson Crossing Park
(65 N Harrison St, Oswego, IL)
Hidden Creek Park
(1800 Pontarelli Court, Aurora)
Fox Bend Golf Course
(3516 Route 34, Oswego, IL 60543)
Farmington Lakes Park
(2031 Farmington Lakes Drive, Oswego, IL, USA)
Eagle Ridge Park
(1300 Rt. 25, Oswego)
Deerbrook Park
(2220 Barrington Drive West, Aurora)
Community Park at Grande Park
(26333 Grand Park Blvd, Plainfield)
Civic Center Park
(4 Ashlawn Ave., Montgomery, IL)
Civic Center
(5 Ashlawn Ave., Oswego, IL )
Chesterfield Park and Lake
(139 Chesterfield Drive, Oswego)
Briarcliff Woods Prairie Wetland
(U.S. Route 30 and Briarcliff Road, Montgomery)
Boulder Point
(0 Boulder Hill Pass, Montgomery, IL 60538)
Bluegrass Prairie Park West
Bluegrass Park
(275 Bluegrass Parkway, Oswego )
Bartlett Prairie/Wetland
(41.67157, -88.35236)
Barnaby Park
(443 Barnaby Drive, Oswego, IL)
Augusta Lake Park
(Augusta Rd, Oswego, IL 60543)
Ashgate Park
(26920 Ashgate Crossing, Plainfield, IL)
Andover Park
(334 Andover Drive, Oswego, IL )