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Pantry Garden

pantry garden

The Pantry Garden Program at Prairie Point Park reflects the Park District’s vision by providing a healthy return not only to Oswego residents, but also to the county community as a whole. It is run by volunteers as a supplemental program to the District’s other gardening projects.

Established in 2007, the Pantry Garden is made up of 50 raised vegetable beds, ten herb beds, four apple trees, one fig tree, raspberry bushes, and several barrel planters. The program takes an unused, marginal piece of urban land and turns it into a rich, sustainable land use opportunity that benefits local residents and the county as well. As a member of the Northern Illinois Food Bank program, it produces approximately 5,000 pounds of fresh produce a year.

That produce is distributed to over 10,000 families annually in Kendall County who are food compromised or deprived.

Our Goals

It is the mission of the Pantry Garden to:

  • Encourage a sense of community as scouting, church, and other groups become involved
  • Mentor and teach gardening to residents who volunteer for the garden
  • Use the “Garden to Pantry to Table” system to build upon a local infrastructure promoting local, urban agriculture ventures
  • Create a local, sustainable seed bank
  • Provide inspiration, guidance, and expertise needed to ensure a bountiful supply of local and fresh produce
  • Promote awareness and practice of recycling and reusing a wide array of materials that can be used in gardens

The gardens are a healthy, holistic outlet for people who want to volunteer for a project that benefits those in need. Volunteer work days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and some Saturday mornings. No previous garden experience is required! We are seeking volunteers who like to garden, want to learn about gardening,  or enjoy working outdoors.

Please complete our Volunteer Form to express your interest in assisting in the garden!

We also appreciate supplies and support given by local businesses.

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