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Morgan Creek Prairie Wetland 2

Morgan Creek Prairie/Wetland

511 Danbury Drive, Oswego, IL


  • 51.0 acres
  • Natural areas with native prairie and wetland plants
  • Crushed stone walking path

In addition to providing habitat area for native plants and animals, the Morgan Creek Prairie/Wetland serves the storm water management and flood control requirements of the Deerpath Creek subdivision.

Prehistoric Soils Challenge Mother Nature

Several sections of the Morgan Creek Prairie/ Wetland refuse to support plant life. Engineers and soil scientists for the subdivision’s developer and the Park District have determined that some of the soils exposed during grading for the development look like top soil, but are not. Rather, they are naturally occurring, acidic, organic soils with a very low PH, formed in glacial outwash 7,000-8,000 years ago. As the Park District works to modify soil conditions and find plants that appreciate these soil conditions, these areas serve as a unique natural laboratory. Keep your eye on these spots as Mother Nature, with the Park District’s help, establishes plant life in these difficult areas.