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Spring 2022 Museum

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Little White School Museum

FREE! She is an Excellent Lady: Stories of Oswego Women Exhibit

From mothers to politicians, authors to business owners, Oswego Women were anything but boring! Stop by the Little White School Museum to explore this free special exhibition and learn more about these small town girls and their contributions to the communities around them.

Little White School Musuem
March 3-April 22

FREE! Face the Fox: Aurora University Special Exhibit

The Little White School Museum proudly presents a special exhibit created by undergraduate students at Aurora University entitled “Face the Fox”. This exhibit focuses on local environmentalists who preserved the ecosystem and fought for change in order to protect communities in the Fox River Valley. To celebrate all their hard work, the Museum will host an opening reception that’s free to the public. Come meet the young curators and see what they were able to create in one semester.

Little White School Museum
May 3-August 4

Opening Reception: May 3, 9am-2pm

History Happy Hour @ OBC

In the 1920s, crime in Kendall County was getting out of control! Local newspapers were filled with stories of FBI raids, robberies, and gangster activity. Join the Little White School Museum staff at Oswego Brewing Co. as we talk about the biggest burglaries, buzzworthy bootleggers, and possible Bonnie & Clyde connection. Admission comes with one beer ticket to enjoy during the lecture. (AJ)

Oswego Brewing Co.
Age: 21 and up
Annie Jordan

22027 | Apr 14 | Th | 6:30-7:30pm | $15(R)/$20(N)
22026 | Apr 28 | Th | 6:30-7:30pm |$15(R)/$20(N)
22119 | May 12 | Th | 6:30-7:30pm |$15(R)/$20(N)


Oswego History Tour – Industrial Sector

Where do you think the “industrial section” of Oswego existed from about 1840 – 1910? Join members of the Oswegoland Heritage Association and the Oswegoland Park District on a splendid bus tour of the industrial section “way back then.” The tour will begin and end at the Little White School Museum and last for about an hour. Registration is $5 and must be done online through the park district website. Join us and find answers for Yesteryear! (AJ)

Little White School Museum
Age: 16 and up

22028 | Apr 10 | Su | 12:00-1:00pm | $5(R)/(N)
22029 | Apr 10 | Su | 1:30-2:30pm | $5(R)/(N)
22934 | Apr 30 | Sa | 10:30-11:30am | $5(R)/(N)
22935 | Apr 30 | Sa | 12:00-1:00pm | $5(R)/(N)


Barning Around Lecture

The rooster’s crow signaled the start of the day for our great-grandparents?and not just out on the farm. From the settlement era through the middle of the 20th Century, in villages to moderate-sized towns, most city lots resembled tiny farms. Each had a house, as well as a small barn to house the family horse and buggy and perhaps a milk cow and chickens. Most municipalities frown on in-town livestock these days, but remnants of that era, particularly those small barns, still dot the urban landscape. On Saturday, May 21, Little White School Museum director Roger Matile will present “Barning Around,” a brief historical overview of both town and country barns, including barn design, usage, and evolution. (AJ)

Little White School Museum
All Ages

22032 | May 21 | Sa | 1:00-2:00pm | $5(R)/(N)


Oswego History Tour- Urban Barns

Ever notice the barns in Oswego’s downtown? Curious about them? Did you think they could only be found on the the area’s farms? These answers and the history surrounding them will be covered in this unique bus tour of some of the barns still standing today. Pre-registration is required as space is limited. The event begins and ends at the Little White School Museum and lasts about an hour. Presented by the Oswegoland Heritage Association in partnership with the Oswegoland Park District. (AJ)

Little White School Museum
Age: 16 and up

22030 | May 22 | Su | 12:00-1:00pm | $5(R)/(N)
22031 | May 22 | Su | 1:30-2:30pm | $5(R)/(N)