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Swim Lessons

The Oswegoland Park District offers swim lessons at Winrock Pool for all ages and abilities all summer long. Swim Lesson FAQs

Skill Guidelines

To determine the appropriate level, use the following questions:

Can you/your child:

Level 1
  • Float independently on front and back?
  • Submerge face completely underwater?
  • Swim Freestyle with little or no help?

No to any? > Level 1
Yes to all? > Continue to Level 2

Level 2
  • Complete front and back float comfortably without assistance?
  • Complete front and back glides comfortably without assistance?
  • Complete arm & leg movements for freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke?
  • Swim 10 yards using freestyle, backstroke, and elementary backstroke?

No to any? > Level 2
Yes to all? > Continue to Level 3

Level 3
  • Swim 15 yards of freestyle and backstroke without assistance?
  • Swim freestyle using rhythmic breathing or side breathing?
  • Swim elementary backstroke?

No to any? > Level 3
Yes to all? > Continue to Level 4

Level 4
  • Tread water for 30 seconds?
  • Swim 25 yards of butterfly?
  • Swim 25 yards of breaststroke?

No to any? > Level 4
Yes to all? > Continue to Level 5

Level 5
  • Tread water using different kicks for more than 60 seconds?
  • Swim butterfly or breaststroke?
  • Swim more than 50 yards of freestyle with rhythmic breathing, breaststroke, backstroke, and elementary backstroke?

No to any? > Level 5
Yes to all? > Check out our Oswego Otters Swim Team, Seahorse Swim Squad, Swim Clinics, or Private lessons!

Private Lessons

If your child is struggling with a particular skill or level, private and semi-private lessons help participants adapt to the swim program more easily. Private lessons are available at Winrock Pool and Civic Center Aquatic Park daily. Each lesson is 30 minutes and available for all ages.

Cancellation Procedures

Cancellations will be posted on the Rainout Line as soon as possible. No individual calls will be made. Time has been built in to programs to cover one day of cancelled classes. If there are any additional days cancelled, a refund for missed time will be issued.

Our Aquatics Programs Include:


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