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Community Investment Program Highlights for 2024

Farmington Lakes

The District’s 2024 Community Investment Program aims to enhance community well-being and recreational spaces by revitalizing existing facilities and introducing new amenities across our extensive network of parks and trails. With amenities spanning parks, facilities, and trails within our 38-square-mile service area, we are committed to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community, enriching lives, and promoting health and environmental stewardship through our annual Community Investments.


Highlights of the 2024 Community Investment Program:

Park Projects: Several parks are slated for enhancements, including the Hudson Crossing Park playground, Grande Park playground, Bluegrass Park sports courts, Briarcliff Park parking lot, Veterans Serenity Park safety and memorial improvements, and the Farmington Lakes Park development.

Shelter Projects: Improvements to shelters at various parks and Winrock Pool will provide enhanced comfort and protection for visitors, including dugout covers for ballfields and shade structures for seating areas.

Trail Projects: ADA improvements along the Boulder Point/Fox River Trail and enhancements to Weaver Prairie Wetland will provide safer and more accessible recreational opportunities for residents, including pedestrian crossings, rest areas, and native landscaping.

Facility Projects: A comprehensive renovation project spanning multiple facilities, including the Civic Center, South Point, Boulder Point, Prairie Point, and the Fox Bend Clubhouse, aims to modernize and improve visitor amenities.

Fox Bend Golf Course: Maintenance work will address infrastructure issues, including the replacement of culvert bridges and soil erosion mitigation, ensuring the continued enjoyment of this popular recreational facility.

Visit our Active Projects webpage for additional information and project plans. 

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