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Ice Skating & Sledding

Snow tubing


Sledding is perhaps the most beloved winter activity of all. If you relish in the brisk winter air kissing your nose and cheeks as you descend a hill at lightning speed, we have several parks with sledding hills for you! Bring your favorite saucer, tandem bobsled, or inflatable snow tube and come enjoy the great outdoors. Parks with snow hills include:

Prairie Point Community Park
Northampton Park
Chesterfield Park
Ogden Falls Park
Deerbrook Park
Community Park at Grande Park
Winrock Park
Bluegrass Prairie Park East



  • Sledding is a hazardous activity and presents substantial risks. Sled at your own risk.
  • No supervision is provided.
  • Parents are responsible for their children.
  • Users assume full responsibility for determining if conditions are safe for sledding.
  • Use caution when sledding and be considerate of others.
  • Return to top of hill along outside edge of sledding area.
  • Building ramps, jumps, or moguls is prohibited.


Lace up your skates and head over to Prairie Point Community Park when the green flag is flying to take a spin or drop a puck on our seasonal ice rink. Our Parks & Planning Team works hard to maintain the rink all winter long, but we rely on Mother Nature to do her part by bringing the chilly temps!

ice skating

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