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Staff Directory


Staff Member Phone Email
Richard Zielke, Executive Director 630.554.4432 Email Image
Tina Ward, Director of Finance 630.554.4422 Email Image
Keith Zalewski, Superintendent of Human Resources 630.554.4430 Email Image
Cindy Benson, Executive Secretary/Board Secretary 630.554.4461 Email Image


Staff Member Phone Email
Thomas Betsinger, Superintendent of Recreation 630.554.4460 Email Image
Kristen Desler, Recreation Supervisor 630.554.4462 Email Image
Rockie Veverka, Recreation Supervisor 630.554.4478 Email Image
Brian Everhart, Athletic Supervisor 630.554.4479 Email Image
Abbie Frederick, Athletic Supervisor 630.554.4480 Email Image
Paige Tully, Youth Sports Coordinator 630.554.4452 Email Image
Julia Granholm, Early Childhood and Teen Supervisor 630.554.4449 Email Image
Cheryl Keilson, Superintendent of Early Childhood
630.554.4484 Email Image
Kim Lombardi, Kid’s Connection Coordinator 630.554.4485 Email Image
Joy Curbis, Kid’s Connection Coordinator
630.554.4458 Email Image
Jen McFall, Gymnastic Supervisor 630.554.4061 Email Image
Carolyn Murray, Aquatic Supervisor 630.554.4467 Email Image
Krista Casanovas, Preschool Coordinator 630.554.4060 Email Image

Special Events & Limelight Theatre

Staff Member Phone Email
Kristie Vest, Special Events Supervisor 630.554.4425 Email Image
Cori Veverka, Cultural Arts Supervisor 630.554.4433 Email Image


Staff Member Phone Email
Laura Finch, Marketing Manager 630.554.4498 Email Image
Kelse Gengler, PR & Graphic Design Coordinator 630.554.4431 Email Image

Customer Service and Reservations

Staff Member Phone Email
Cindy Benson, Customer Service Manager 630.554.4461 Email Image
Kendra Potter, Customer Service Supervisor 630.554.4465 Email Image
Reservations Department 630.554.4477 Email Image


Staff Member Phone Email
Mike Fee, Director of Operations 630.554.4434 Email Image
Dave Margolis, Natural Resource Manager 630.554.4439 Email Image
Clint Meyer, Natural Areas & Arbor Specialist 630.554.4451 Email Image


Staff Member Phone Email
Chad Feldotto, Director of Planning 630.554.4428 Email Image
Colleen McCarty, Senior Park Planner 630.554.4426 Email Image

Little White School Museum

Staff Member Phone Email
Tina Heidrich, Museum Manager 630.554.4426 Email Image

Fox Bend Golf Course

Staff Member Phone Email
Brad Doyle, General Manager 630.554.3939 Email Image
Bob Kohlstedt, Superintendent 630.554.3939 Email Image

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