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Creating Opportunities for a Healthy Community!

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Biking & Hiking Trails

Fox River Trail

3.1 miles

Grove Road Trail

3.2 miles

Waubonsie Trail

2.5 miles

Prairie Point Trail

1.7 miles

Saw Wee Kee Trails

5.5 miles total

Trail Map

For a complete map of all our parks, view our trail guide.

View the Kane & Northern Kendall County Bike Map here.

Trail Safety & Courtesy

Following these basic courtesy rules will create an enjoyable time for all trail users:

  • Stay to the right
  • Avoid walking more than two abreast
  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way
  • Pass on the left
  • Ring a bell or use a verbal warning when passing
  • Dog owners must clean up after their pets