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All the Winter, All the Snow, All the Fun



If you’ve been dreaming of fresh blankets of snow, and brainstorming how you’ll make the most of the winter wonderland that is bound to come, this is the post for you! We have a bunch of winter activity ideas to help you spend your time outdoors!


Cross Country Skiing and Snow Shoeing

If you have equipment for either of the aforementioned activities, you can head over to the following locations for Skiing or Snow Shoeing of varying difficulties:

Waa Kee Sha – Perhaps the mildest terrain, this park offers 22 acres of dense woodland. You will see nature at its finest as you traverse the trails.

Fox Bend Golf Course – Navigating a golf course can be challenging on the finest of summer days. Come see how winter brings a whole new perspective to bridges, hills, and bunkers!

Saw Wee Kee – A great place for intermediate or expert skiers, Saw Wee Kee Park offers a more technical landscape. Make sure to follow the trail signs as you dive into this 134.4-acre park.


Last but certainly not least, sledding, the most beloved winter activity of all. If you relish in the brisk winter air kissing your nose and cheeks as you descend a hill at lightning speed, we have seven parks with sledding hills for you! Bring your favorite saucer, tandem bobsled or inflatable snow tube and come enjoy the great outdoors. Parks with snow hills include:

Prairie Point Community Park
Northampton Park
Chesterfield Park and Lake
Ogden Falls Park
Deerbrook Park
Community Park at Grande Park


If you can’t make it to one of the parks mentioned above, never fear – there are loads more parks! Check out the closest park to you and you’ll be sure to find lots of powder for snowman building, snow angels and if you’re up for the challenge, snow fort building! I recall days of making snow credit cards for cocoa transactions with my mom – use your imagination to make your own fun! Don’t forget your hats, gloves, scarves, cocoa and to stay hydrated!


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